This site is operated by Cedars Health in Cheshire. We have been importing and selling Procerin in the UK since 2002 and our formula complies with all UK legislation in terms of both content and labelling.  It is manufactured in the States in FDA approved laboratories by the original creators of the brand.

With a few decades of nutrition training behind us, we believe that many issues of the body can be remedied with extra nutritional support rather than by adding chemicals which block its correct functioning and cause problems elsewhere.  There are prescription and non-prescription chemical alternatives available to our products but these come with a whole host of possible side effects.  These include: breast tenderness and enlargement, rashes, itching, decreased libidoerectile dysfunction, and swelling of the lips and face.  In contrast, Procerin does not have any negative side effectives apart from some people occasionally experiencing stomach discomfort. This can usually be remedied by taking Procerin with food.

Supporting your body with good quality nutrients that help it’s correct functioning is something we whole heartedly believe in. 

A Tough Business

The subject of male hair loss is not an easy one, not for the men who are affected by it and not for the people that say that a none toxic route can work.  For us, in previous years we have been on the receiving end of some pretty shady actions and unfair name calling by people who represent pharmaceutical competitors.  We have heard it all but we have always been honest and fair.  Procerin can produce positive results for those who take it as directed for between one to three months minimum.

Being in the male hair support business has become even harder over the last 17 years due to EU laws introducing a ban on anything being said to support the use of natural health products.  This being said, we believe in our products and so continue to promote the Procerin® brand.  Thousands of repeat customers cannot be wrong. It must do the job for the majority as we are sure they would not continue to buy it otherwise.