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Procerin on ITV This Morning

11 years ago we were approached by ITV as Holly & Phil were doing a study on hair loss  with 3 men  – 1 solution was to use Procerin, 1 was a laser hair treatment and the third was not being treated other than a hair cut.  This video is the Procerin part.  We have been asked many times ‘where is the follow up’ and we wanted to know that too but it never happened!  We supplied 6 months of Procerin free to ITV and then received a call nearly 6 months later asking for another 6 months – which we supplied.  After that, we contact them at various intervals but they would not tell us anything and never did the follow up.  We have our theories on why they would not do a follow up but we cannot post them here sadly.

The content of the following videos is not owned or created by ProcerinUK.  We are supplied Procerin by the US manufacturing company which owns but this is a separate US company.